Pure Jewels

Pure Jewels

Slot machine test: pure jewels

Diamonds play in the slot game pure jewels the lead role. Pure jewels is definitely a title that whets the appetite for more and actually Naidoo has created something so, what joy can make. It starts with this, that the machine looks good overall and visually is not fallen on his head. Clearly, in every nook and corner it flashes, because just diamonds make the symbols. And with a little luck you get it in order, so neatly can ring the cash register. It belongs to slots pure jewels to the genus by playing in the slot machine Casino, where there is a respin feature. At least in theory, because actually here no rollers rotate, because the icons just from top to bottom. And winning combinations will disappear, so that can fall in same round new symbols and more gains are made. Thus, pure jewels in each round can be very exciting and of course also correspondingly lucrative. Is there also a wild, with which you can make profits right.

Games you are pure jewels in the Star Games Casino. If you want to start only once, gently, then you can also play pure jewels for free or go but just directly with real stakes, what cost you then but even a charging of your account.

Play Pure Jewels online now!

Pure jewels online game

It is

appealing to the pure jewels automatic game that really diamonds from heaven fall and this creates almost a tactile sense. In this way creates a pleasant feeling that resulted from the design of the machine. However, pure jewels is otherwise played as other games of this kind, it makes a difference so limited, turn rollers or the symbols from above fall down. At least at the beginning, because there is a kind of re-spin. He takes effect after you've made a profit. The icons disappear, so that new symbols can fall from above. Several gains in only one round can accumulate.

Of course especially your use is also

important, because even your choice also in the pure jewels slot machine on which gains you actually aim up. Although your balances reduced due to higher stakes faster, but also your profit increases on the other hand, if you are doing what. The paytable indicates exactly what icons are enabled. Calculated by multiplying a profit, higher symbol values and higher use only positive in this respect will accordingly.

Slot game symbols in the pure jewels online slot

Basically the symbols in pure jewels can be relatively easy to summarize, because this is actually only diamonds. But not every diamond is as much value as another. In the payout table, you can see exactly how much money is waiting for you. A Ruby and a heart-shaped diamond make a start, followed by other forms. Purple and blue are much more, but are topped by bright blue and green. The White Diamond, which is also directly related to its size but is strongest. A scatter symbol is there as well and counts at any point. The wild substitutes for other symbols.

Slot machines instructions by pure jewels

If you ever using the one or other Naidoo slots had to do did, then you will have no problems now. Pure jewels goes slightly out of hand. But when you play for real money in the Casino, then you should be already vigilant. Have always the look on your balance and the usage. And if you win, you double the amounts directly even at the risk of the cards.

Conclusion to the pure jewels test

Diamonds are a good start in the slot as symbols. And thanks to the respin feature is also very exciting play pure jewels. You can make actually very good profits in a round, which is too caught up, it spins no is.